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GlobalBizReport (GBR) is a preferred Business Credit Reporting Partner for leading Corporates, SMEs, B2B Marketplaces, Banks & Financial Institutes, Global Consultancy & Market Research companies worldwide.


About Global Biz Report

We are a leading provider of business credit reports and information solutions. With a strong focus on accuracy, reliability and comprehensive insights, we have established ourselves as a trusted resource for businesses worldwide. Our mission is to empower businesses with the knowledge they need, to make informed decisions, mitigate risks and drive success.

  • 8+ years of expertise in business credit reporting.
  • In-depth understanding of the complexities and dynamics of the global marketplace.
  • Extensive knowledge in analyzing financial data, market trends and sector-specific factors.
  • Served clients across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, finance, technology, healthcare and more.


Your Trusted Source for Comprehensive Business Information and Credit Reporting.

Trusted Brand

Global Biz Report is a trusted brand in business information and credit reporting. We deliver reliable and comprehensive reports to businesses worldwide.

Freshly Investigated Reports

Our dedicated team conducts thorough research, gathering the latest information to provide you with trustworthy reports.

Global Coverage

With a vast network of partners, we offer services in over 200 countries, providing valuable insights across diverse markets and regions.

Easy-to-Read Reports

Our reports are designed to be clear and understandable, giving you a complete view of your 'to-be' business partners creditworthiness.

One-Stop Platform

Our user-friendly interface simplifies credit report ordering, saving your time and effort.

Dedicated Customer Support

We prioritize excellent customer support, addressing inquiries and ensuring a smooth experience throughout your engagement with us.


Verify Your Business Partners, Vendors, Buyers, Suppliers and More

  • Today's global economy and ease of doing business across the globe has thrown open a plethora of business opportunities in the Manufacturing and Service sector. With newer opportunities, comes newer challenges by the way of competition and newer risks by the way of reliability of business partners.
  • Offering attractive credit terms may increase your competitiveness, but will also expose you to higher credit risks. Several factors influence your decision to partner with a company when you want to expand your company. To minimise the risk and turn it into a positive business advantage, assessing and monitoring the credibility has become a global necessity.
  • Getting to know the fact behind the claims made by your potential partner / business trader is the key to make the right decision. At GLOBAL BIZ REPORTS we help you make the right call by providing the latest updates about a company's background vis a vis its physical and financial strength.
  • We understand the need for accurate and reliable information by providing Business Information Reports (or Credit Reports as they are popularly known).
  • An unparalleled network and the best knowledge management systems in use allow us to collate information from a myriad of sources and compile the most comprehensive business information reports, which are sure to be your trustworthy tools in mitigating trade risks.